An African American lady fixing a leak in her sink.

Plumb Works Academy

Est. 2021
Aquae Anima Vivens

The Plumb Works Academy was founded in 2021 by Jerome Sabol, L.M.P.

According to Academy legend, Sabol once came upon a homeowner hammering a leaky faucet with the edge of their smartphone. Recognizing a critical gap in the core competencies of modern homeowners, he resolved to establish an academy of home plumbing education.

With a faculty of veteran plumbers led by Dean Josh Czerniak, the Plumb Works Academy began shining the light of learning into the shadows under sinks, inside toilet tanks, and down drains.

Graduates leave the Academy with their plungers held high and their adulting achievements fully unlocked.

As we sing in the Plumb Works Academy Fight Song, “May water ever flow.”

Plumb Works Academy Fight Song

Oh Plumb Works, our Alma Mater,
Through rain and snow and fog,
Thy students raise their plungers
And clear out every clog.

Oh Plumb Works, our Alma Mater,
May water ever flow,
For thee we fight! To thee we pledge
The strength of all we know.

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Advanced Placement

Enjoy working with your hands? Even if that sometimes means plunging them into a toilet tank? Plumbers make a good wage for an honest trade, and your job will never be stolen by a chat bot. You get to meet a lot of interesting people while taking on new challenges every day.

If you’re interested in going beyond the basics of home plumbing, learn about apprenticeships and ask about the Plumb Works Academy Advanced Placement program. We’ll start you on the path to a rewarding career.